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Groovy Garda

You may reach that time in the middle of the night. You wake up early not quite sure what’s right. You toss and turn there’s no one here so what is that wincing in your ear, it is your life.

You get up late go to work, standing next to the same old jerk, this is your life. In the office the coffee cold, not much more to behold, this is your life

Groovy Garda is a way of life. Groovy Garda it will save your life. Groovy Garda ain't no one knows, Groovy Garda it's just the way it goes.

5 o'clock comes you're on the train, why is your life style so mundane. Key in the lock no one home nothing changes TV on. The wishes the dreams aspiration too, what's a guy going to do this is, this is your life

Turn it around like inside the future coming you can not hide, this is your life. Go to make the change that is clear, 2003 it's gonna be your year, to Get a grip, on your life………

(c) 2003 The Bad Ragas


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Copyright (c) 2005 The Bad Ragas