The Bad Ragas are

Phil Townsend- Vocals
Andy Wilson- Guitar
Keith Bedborough- Guitar
Alex Schubert - Bass
Steve Bates - Drums

The Bad Ragas (short TBR) started some fine day in the year 2000. The sound has developed in a mix of self composed songs augmented with rocked up covers. Originally the band consisted of 4. Andy (original Stan) lead guitar, Steve (Bob Bad Raga) Drums, Alex (Alyss Bad Raga) bass guitar and James rhythm guitar and vocals. Alas at the end of 2000 James had to finish his studies. So Phil as a temporary replacement helped out and has been helping out ever since. In summer 2001 Keith (McStan) came along for a jam and also stayed. So the new 5 piece TBR was formed. Drawing inspiration from a range of music styles, but the Bad Ragas sound is in essence back to its rock roots. Strong guitar chords with rock drums and bass guitar brings the music alive in a raw live sound. Liken to a cross between the Doors and the Rolling Stones with a cold... but with a modern feel, which you just can not place....

Rocking History so far:
Various parties 2000-2005
Jugendhaus Erlenbach 2000
Jugendhaus Küsnacht 2002
Kulturmarkt (Rats) 2003
D33 2004
Dynamo 2004
Emergenza Final at Volkshaus 2005