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Sat 29 Mar 08: Don't miss that date! We are pleased to announce another pub gig at Paddy Reilly's pub Zurich. Special guests will open for us. Shows start at 8.30 pm. Free entrance!

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Recent concerts

Date City Venue Comments
31 May 07 Zurich Kulturmarkt Concert with Arctic Circle and Lesley Meguid View flyer online
12 Dec 2006 Zurich Big Ben Pub View flyer online
27 Oct 2006 Zurich Strozzis View flyer online
18 Mar 2006 Zurich Franziskaner View flyer online
07 Dec 2005 Zurich Dynamo, Werk21 Gig with Rizon. View flyer online
27 Aug 2005 Zurich Werdinsel Robi Micieli's wedding party
09 July 2005 Zurich Volkshaus Emergenza Final! View flyer online
17 June 2005 Zurich Sugar Lounge Concert with The Basement. View flyer online
24 May 2005 Zurich Abart Emergenza semi finals . View flyer online
22 Mar 2005 Zurich D33 Emergenza festival
20 Dec 2004 Zurich Dynamo, Werk21 Gig with sLow. View flyer online
15 Oct 2004 Zurich Provitreff View flyer online
30 Sep 2004 Zurich D33 Gig with Just In Time. Flyer
14 Jan 2004 Zurich D33

Gig with sLow. Flyer

11 Dec 2003 Zurich Rats Gig with Sinoma. Flyer

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